Mark Holding Mitsuru Karate
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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Join

    - Come along and try the classes FREE for ONE MONTH to see if its for you.

What do I wear?

   - I do not even want you to think about a Karate Suit until you have a least finished the
      first free month, by that time, you will have an idea whether or not Karate is for you.  Until then
       just track pants and T-Shirt is acceptable.

How much does it cost

   - Please see Prices section.

What is the starting age of your beginners?

  - 5 years and upwards, however they will be placed into similar age and abilities.

Do you have classes available for adults?

  - Yes, but these classes are mixed abilities.

How do I obtain/renew my licence

    - Please see Sensei Mark Holding