Mark Holding Mitsuru Karate
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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Join

    - Come along and try the classes FREE for ONE MONTH to see if its for you.

What do I wear?

   - I do not even want you to think about a Karate Suit until you have a least finished the
      first free month, by that time, you will have an idea whether or not Karate is for you.  Until then
       just track pants and T-Shirt is acceptable.

How much does it cost

   - Please see Prices section.

What is the starting age of your beginners?

  - 5 years and upwards, however they will be placed into similar age and abilities.

Do you have classes available for adults?

  - Yes, but these classes are mixed abilities.

How do I obtain/renew my licence

    - Please see Sensei Mark Holding

When am I able to grade

There are several factors that affect when someone is eligible to grade
Enough classes completed between grades minimum of 24 junior grades 40 plus for brown bellts
To have maintained a regular training period leading up to the next grading to allow an accurate assessment
Of an individual.
Signed off by one of the Senior instructors in the club.