Mark Holding Mitsuru Karate
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Copyright © 2015
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A grading can only be attempted after a minimum of three months 24 lessons

Senior grades 6 months adults, under 13 yrs 9 months training between belts. These are conducted by Sensei Holding and the costs are as follow:-

Red through to Purple Belt £20

Brown Belts £25

Black Belts 1st Dan to 3rd Dan £50

All grading’s include a belt & certificate.

The grading’s for under 12 years are designed to develop the student in a progressive and fair manner recognising the difference between child/teen and adult capabilities as well as catering for less able bodied students.

During the year there will also be developmental competitions held locally to develop the students in competition karate, the entry costs to these are kept to a minimum and any monies made as the profits go into the association funds towards student development courses etc.

We are also keen as an organization for parents to become involved in the club events, competitions time keeping, chaperoning etc.  More help the merrier.  The club is an open book the head instructor while usually busy teaching is always willing to discuss student development or any other matters and can be rang or emailed if you wish.

Gradings 2018



The grading is pass or fail.

Please note: I don’t run a class or allow spectators into the grading’s as it isn’t a conducive
Environment for the younger ones to apply themselves.