Mark Holding Mitsuru Karate
Mark Holding 6th Dan
Head Instructor Mitsuru Karate Clubs
Currently ranked  6th Dan is the head Grading Officer for the Mitsuru group of Clubs
He is also the main Child Protection Officer.  

He is married to May and has a step daughter Zoe.

His greatest personal satisfaction has come from the progression Of his students both those who have
trained purely in the club and those who train Under him as his position as the head Kumite Coach.
The squad have had some really good results over the years and the current one is one of the
best yet, their commitment to developing, training and competition is second to none.

I started with Chojinkai Karate in 1989 training at the Penrith club under Richard Bird and Sensei Doug James.
I had previously tried other martial arts through my formative years but quickly found that Karate offered me
what I was looking for.   Early on in my grades I became involved in Kumite Competition actually it was
the day after my Yellow belt grading where I immediately found myself thrown into the senior team event
it was a steep but enjoyable learning curve.  I went on through my grades to compete on a regular basis
at both local, regional, national and international Level competitions.  My first ever national result was a
third place in the FEKO nationals in 1994 where I was beaten by Terry Daly (Now 8th Dan) and
Wayne Otto’s sensei.  I have since that date attained in excess of 20 national and international level
medals becoming British Champion in 2002.  I took over as head instructor at the Penrith Club In 1995
on the retirement of Richard ‘Dick’ Bird.  In 2013 I retired from the Police and also from competition at
the age of 49, they say your never to old to learn it took a while.  

I now run two further clubs at Appleby and Keswick which go from strength to strength.