Mark Holding Mitsuru Karate
Caroline Broadbridge
3rd Dan

I started training in karate after taking my son Stephen to lessons and finding I
Was sitting around a lot watching when I could be training with him.  I was
Attracted to the idea of doing some exercise and with the added bonus of learning
Some self defence, as at that time I had a demanding job running pubs and
Restaurants where I encountered some challenging situations.  My karate journey
Started at Blackheath, Birmingham in 1998 practicing Shukokai karate with
Shihan Eddie Daniels 8th Dan.  After moving back to Cumbria I joined Chojinkai
With Sensei Doug James 8th Dan whilst undergoing my training with Sensei Mark
Holding 5th Dan where I now began my training again practicing Wado Ryu.

I worked my way through the grades finally reaching 1st Dan in 2010 followed by
2nd Dan in 2014.

During this time I have learnt how to coach and encourage others to develop their
Skills to aid their karate this has given me a great sense of pride to see others
Achieve so much through their grades.

As a parent and coach, I took many students around the country to participate in
Competitions encouraging them that if you want to be the best you must train
Hard to achieve this.  

Over the past 15 years I have participated in many competitions for Shukokai and
Chojinkai around the country.  Having gone through karate taking my son and many
Others to competitions around the country made me realise there is more to karate
Than just self defence and fighting.  I have made life long friends through karate
And I feel I’m still learning as I go through future grades.

Having recently transferred clubs to Mitsuru Karate Penrith, with Mark Holding I
Continue to develop myself mentally and physically to a high standard.

My ethos of karate is simple; karate teaches you self defence, fitness, confidence,
Co-ordination, focus and discipline.  What other sport gives you these values in