Mark Holding Mitsuru Karate
Sharon Healey
2nd Dan

I started karate in the Autumn of 1994 at the tender age of 23 with Chojinkai Chief
Instructor Doug James 8th Dan.  I trained under Mark Holding 5th Dan who quickly
entered me into the competition side of karate (kumite) where I obtained many
successful results both nationally and internationally over a 6 year period. My main
reason for taking up karate was to gain confidence - I was painfully shy and could
see the benefits from my Sister who had taken up the martial art.
I thoroughly enjoy helping others and started teaching when I obtained Blue Belt.  
I attained 1st Dan Black Belt in September 2000.  In the same year, I was selected
to train with the England squad in Dagenham by 9 times world champion Wayne
Otto OBE and went on to win Silver in the English Nationals which was one better
than the previous year!

I took a break to raise my family and concentrate on my career for quite a number
of years and returned as an Assistant Instructor at the new Appleby club in
March 2013.  

I am married to Matthew and have two children, Reece and Kyran.  Reece also
trains with me and for the same reason I started karate - confidence is no longer
an issue for him! For me karate is a way of life where I can constantly grow and
achieve my goals whilst helping others to do the same.  Under the guidance and
watchful eye of Sensei Mark Holding, I am looking forward to the future with
Mitsuru Karate.