Mark Holding Mitsuru Karate
Stephen Broadbridge
3rd Dan
I began training when I was 5 years old due to the fact I had ambitions to
Become a Power Ranger, so my parents took me to my first Karate lesson.
Ambitions changed, yet Karate still remains a huge part in my life.

I’ve trained in various styles such as Shukokai with Sensei Eddie Daniels 8th
Dan due to moving homes.  I eventually moved to Penrith and began training
Chojinkai under the instruction of Sensei Doug James 8th Dan and Sensei Mark
Holding 5th Dan.  I achieved my 1st Dan when I was 14 years old, I continued
Training and achieved my 2nd Dan when I was 18.

During my training with Sensei Mark Holding I have competed in many
Competitions such as English Nationals, British Nationals and international
Events over the years.

Due to training from the age of 5, Karate helped me develop self-confidence
And discipline which I applied in and out of education as I went through my

Eventually I joined the British Army where I swiftly got selected for the Army
Karate Team.  I still am currently an active member of the Army Team and have
Won several competitions with them, including the Army Open Championships
And won gold at the Combined Services Championships in 2013 against the
RAF and Royal Navy which elected me a place on the Tri-Service Team.
These wins allowed me to win the RLC (Royal Logistic Corps) Young Sportsman
Of the Year 2014.

I remain an active member, instructor and competitor in all aspects of Karate
And look forward to the future with Mitsuru Karate under the instruction of
Sensei Mark Holding.