Mark Holding Mitsuru Karate
Sean Smith
2nd Dan

Having started Karate at the age of 10, I returned to training in 1996 under Sensei Mark Holding, and
Began instructing in 1997 as a 4th Kyu, I earned my 1st Dan in 1999 under a panel headed by Sensei
Doug James (8th Dan) along with Sensei Ian Abernethy (6th Dan) and Sensei Ray Hind (6th Dan) and gained
My full coaching qualification a week later.

I represented the British Karate-Do Chojinkai at both National and International level gaining a number
Of Kata and Kumite titles along the way.  As part of this I regularly trained with Sensei Holding and
Sensei Abernethy to develop both aspects of my Karate.

I am married to Lisa and have two children Lucas, age 6 (currently training) and Alyssa, aged 2.  I currently
Live between Leeds and York.

I now run a club in Tadcaster, North Yorkshire.