Mark Holding Mitsuru Karate
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Copyright © 2015
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Mitsuru Yorkshire

What is Mitsuru Yorkshire?

Mitsuru Yorkshire is a part of Mark Holding Mitsuru, a Karate Dojo, ‘Dojo’ meaning ‘place of enlightenment’.

It belongs to the Yanagi Kai Karate Association which is a full member of the English Karate Federation (EFK)

Being recognised by the EKF means access to insurance for individuals and clubs and the opportunity to

Participate in the National squad.

What is the style of Karate taught at Mitsuru Yorkshire?

Wado-Ryu Karate, which is one of the four main styles recognised by the World Karate Federation.

What will Karate provide me with?

There are many different aspects to Karate training.  As a Martial Art it provides skills which may be

Applied in a self-defence situation, as well as boosting self-confidence and self-esteem,  As a sport it

Provides fitness and wellbeing along with the opportunity to test yours skills against other competitors.

What do I wear?

You don’t need to think about a Suit (Gi) until you have at least finished your free month’s trial.  By that

Time you will have a good idea whether Karate is for you or not.  Until then tracksuit bottoms and a T-shirt

Will be fine.

Are the instructors qualified?

Yes, all instructors hold a nationally recognised qualification and clear DBS checks.

How do I book my free month of lessons?

You need to contact Sean Smith or Mark Holding.

New Venue

Riley Smith Hall

28 Westgate


LS24 9JB

Contact Sean Smith



What is the starting age?

Age 5 upwards, however they will be placed in groups of similar age.

Do you have classes for adults?

Absolutely!! Karate is accessible to all.